Sud Europe Atlantique high-speed railway line (LGV SEA)

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The Sud Europe Atlantique high-speed railway line project involves building approximately three hundred kilometres of new double-track high-speed rail line between Saint-Avertin, south-east of Tours, and Ambarès-et-Lagrave, north of Bordeaux, and around fourty kilometres of connections.
For the entirety of the project's implementation, RFF (Réseau Ferré de France) launched a consultation under a public services contract covering the design, construction, maintenance, renewal, operation and financing of this new high-speed rail line over a 50-year period. LISEA (VINCI group) was awarded the contract in July 2010.

The concession contract requires the concession holder to appoint an independent technical body (OTI). The Tractebel Engineering/TUC RAIL consortium was awarded this OTI contract.

Auftraggeber LISEA
Standort Bordeaux, France
Laufzeit 2010-2018


The OTI's field of intervention covers all technical and environmental areas relating to the design and building of the line.
The OTI is tasked with inspecting and assessing compliance of the line's design and construction with the concession holder's obligations in accordance with the concession contract, current regulations and industry best practice, including implementation of the commitments made by the State in connection with the declaration of public utility procedures and consultations with local authorities, as well as the concession holder's contractual and regulatory obligations on the environment and sustainable development.
The OTI is also tasked with briefing the concession provider (RFF) on compliance with the concession contract schedule, in particular as regards achievement of the key milestones set out in the schedule, and assessing the impact on the overall schedule in the event of any deviations from the schedule.
The OTI's remit also covers the period of the lifting of reservations on line works, including any secondary reservations, and ends once all reservations have been lifted in full.

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