Enchant the Champs Elysées

Paris, France
Technical advisory mission for the urban project
Verbundene Lösungen

The architecture agency PCA-Stream has been appointed by the Champs Elysées Comity to conceive a urban project for the Champs Elysées sector. It covers a 300 000m2 area from the place de l'Etoile to the Concorde.
Co-conception approach, has been developed in order to transform the avenue and the area in an experimentation laboratory for sustainable development, new mobilities and new services for citizens. This urban project rethinks in particular :

  • Traffic flow
  • Vegetation integration
  • Materials used
Auftraggeber PCA STREAM - Philippe Chiambaretta
Standort Champs-Élysées, Paris, France
Laufzeit 2019-2020
Architekt PCA STREAM - Philippe Chiambaretta

Tractebel's role is partner and expert for PCA-Stream regarding the different techniques to implement to the urban project. Thus, Tractebel performs studies in order to guide the conception choices towards innovative, resilient and sustainable strategies for this urban metamorphosis project.
The following missions have been completed :

Critical look on the technical feasibility of the proposals of the new urban planning project. Production of a budget on each different areas of the project, including green spaces,  surfacing materials, water distribution systems, street furniture.

Contribution to the creation of an innovation paper by analysing different surfacing materials considering their adaptation to different road use and their impact on the urban "heat  island" phenomenon, carbon footprint, acoustic and visual impact. Proposal of innovative technical solutions.

Identification of treatment and reuse possibilities of the existing cobblestones on the areas, estimation of the gains generated by re-employment.

Analysis of traffic schemes, public space sharing, flow management, urban logistics.

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