Smart City Angers

Angers, France
Verbundene Lösungen
Infrastruktur & Umwelt

Set to start in January 2020, the consortium formed by ENGIE Solutions, SUEZ, La Poste and the VYV Group will develop innovative solutions, working closely alongside the local community, its partners, local companies and residents. The aim is to use digital technologies to speed up the region's energy transition, enhance its appeal, optimize the way in which public services are structured, and manage resources more efficiently, thus improving and facilitating the day-to-day lives of residents.

Tractebel provided strong support to help the ENGIE consortium build the winning offer, thanks to high-level expertise in mobility, energy, street lighting and financial engineer.

Auftraggeber ENGIE INEO
Standort Angers, France
Laufzeit 2019

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